Branded Products, So Hot Right Now!

Why is promotional merchandise so important?


The world we live in today is full of logos and messages that companies want to get across to existing clients and prospects to help promote; ensuring these brands continue to be successful.



All successful organisations back up their branding w...

Bring on the Sun!

Promotional Beach Product Ideas


The sun has many benefits, we all feel a little bit better when the sun is shining! Let’s help promote your company and watch it grow this summer...



Beach Travel Set

Although there are many health benefits of being out in the sun, there is also the danger o...

"Life's a Garden... Dig it!"

The Positive Effects Gardening has on Working Life


Whether you are young or old gardening can be beneficial in many ways, so get your trowel out and start digging!



Reasons Why We Should Embrace Gardening

  • It is good for the mind, body and soul, if you are stressed at work then try a bi...
Be on the Ball for the World Cup!

How to Score with Customers during the Football World Cup...





It’s coming home, football’s coming home!

When it comes to football music the rules are simple. According to the BBC (2016) "the song must have an easy chorus to chant, and be easily adaptable lyrically for optimum praise of a...

Adapt Your Marketing Plan

Product Review: Top 5 Travel Adaptors


Which is the promotional travel adapter for you? Help your customers to escape to sunnier climates, away from the rain, the cold and the dark with our customisable travel adaptors.



So what exactly is a travel adapter? It is “a plug that connects a pie...

I'm in shape – Round is a shape, isn't it?

The Best Fitness Promo Gifts for 2018


There's no denying it, January is the month when most people are 'detoxing' and back in the gym, so why not send your customers a little gift as a positive booster for the new year?


New year, new me... sounds familiar ey? Whether or not you are getting in...

Winter Warmers – Let’s Beat the Cold!

Top 5 Promo Gifts This Winter

A cold winter is coming, but Premier Promotional is in town and we won't let you down!



Touch Screen Gloves 

Premier Promotional Products have some lovely ideas for you to keep employees warm this winter. With a variety of styles, colours and shapes, stay warm a...

The Best Car Products for Winter!

Winter Car Promotional Product Ideas


It is funny how every year we know winter is coming and yet every year we are still surprised it’s here. 


If you are anything like us, you will suddenly find yourself unprepared for the cold weather. We say start early this year! Get your seasonal promoti...

Green, Green, Green!

How can your Company Become more Eco-Friendly?


Did you know 27,000 trees are cut down each day to fulfil the world’s demand for toilet paper? 


In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more natural resources than ever.  ‘Going green’ has never been more important.  American companies alone u...

Back to Cool!

Promotional School Supplies

Are you too cool for School?


Woven School Ties

  • Fact: Did you know the stripes on British ties usually run from top left to bottom right while the stripes on American ties run from top right to bottom left?
  • Shengzhou in China is one of the world's biggest tie pr...