Do Just Fine in Rain or Shine!

Outdoor Commercial Umbrellas & Commercial Parasols For Pubs


Whatever the weather, a branded garden umbrella or promotional parasol is an essential item in any pub garden or outdoor event. Offering a shady spot when the sun is in the sky or a crucial shelter from an unexpected shower, providing ...

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Rainbow Promotional Products To Brighten Up Your Day

In difficult times like these, we want to share a bit of colour and happiness to brighten up your day, with some happy stories shared from around the world, and of course a colourful shortlist of our favourite rainbow promotional products.


 NHS Rainbow Ideas

  1. People are using their free time to crochet tiny so...
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A brief History of time (well Promotional History that is!)

The History of the Promotional Products Industry




I hear you ask why would I want to know about past facts on promotional products? But it is actually a very interesting read to find out the origins of branded merchandise.


So…Where did it all start?


Who can name the first promotional...

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Where did the morning go?!

Top tips on how to efficiently manage your time at work


Are there ever enough hours in the day?!


Time managment in the workplace


What is time management?

Time management is about doing the right things at the right time. It is not about working the most hours; it is about what you can get done in the time available.

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Diarise Me!

Key Dates For The Diary – Marketing Planner


As the New Year comes into full swing, you are now all allocating your budget for the coming year. This may be the time to think about all those missed opportunities from last year and find out how you can take advantage of these this year.



Now i...

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Exhibit This!

Top Tips to Attract Attention to Your Stand at an Exhibition




Historic Overview

Exhibition can be defined as “a public display of works of art or items of interest, held in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair” (Oxford Dictionary). British companies have been exhibiting at trade sho...

We’re Engaged, Are You?

Top Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media




Are you a social media virgin and still scared to enter a whole new digital world? Or are you using social media for your business but not yet seeing the benefits from it? Want to know how you can make your company’s social media content ...

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The Perfect Promotional Pack

The Complete Guide to Creating Promo Packs


Why create a promo pack in the first place? This is like asking, why stand out from the crowd? Why promote your business? Ultimately the main reasons we use merchandise to promote ourselves is to gain exposure, raise awareness and increase sales.



Branded Products, So Hot Right Now!

Why is Promotional Merchandise so Important?


The world we live in today is full of logos and messages that companies want to get across to existing clients and prospects to help promote; ensuring these brands continue to be successful.




What Are Promotional Products?

According to The B...

Bring on the Sun!

Promotional Beach Product Ideas


The sun has many benefits, we all feel a little bit better when the sun is shining! Let’s help promote your company and watch it grow this summer...



Beach Travel Set

  • Although there are many health benefits of being out in the sun (vitamin D), there is als...