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Top 15 Promotional School Supplies




How Can Promotional Merchandise Help Your School?


Summer holidays are over, time flies when you are having fun in the sun... Why not start thinking about the promotional merchandise that would benefit your school, and prepare yourself for this term?


1. Relationship Building


Whether you are a primary school, secondary school, academy, college or university, building a relationship with the students and parents is very important.

A large amount of evidence proves that increased parent participation correlates with improved academic success amongst students and a more positive outlook about school and homework. Studies also show that a pro-active parent gives the teachers more time to concentrate their efforts on teaching the children, thus increasing teacher morale. Happy teacher, happy student! (Parent Hopes 2018).

Carefully thought out promotional merchandise can help to build and strengthen this parent-teacher-student relationship, by helping to make students feel rewarded and parents to feel included. It is important to provide promotional products that can meet the students and parents’ needs and home environment. For example, free promotional USB sticks will make students’ life easier by enabling them to complete their homework at home, and then bring it into school to print; particularly useful for households without a printer. Or providing branded lunch boxes encourages parents and students to make and bring in healthy, homemade lunches, instead of a sandwich bought from Tesco, helping to also save the pennies!


2. Fundraising


Fundraising in schools is essential these days to give that little bit of financial support back into the school. If you are thinking of holding an event, think carefully when picking a campaign and what you want to achieve.

Picking a theme for an event can be a great crowd pleaser for the parents and the children so selling and promoting the school using branded merchandise with your school logo can be a real money spinner and benefit everyone. Whether you have a large or small budget to work with there will always be a giveaway of some kind within this budget.

The PTA hold the bank so persuading them that promotional merchandise is the way to go can be essential to your organisation. Fundraising activities will not only bring in funds for your school, but any charitable donations will also help to show commitment to your local community.


3. Promotion


Another great way to utilise promotional merchandise is simply for promotion, exactly as it says on the tin! There are many different ways to use products to raise awareness of your school, for example for direct mail campaigns for prospective students or as giveaways at exhibitions.


Our Best Promotional Product Ideas for Schools:


Branded Book Bags

  • These are great to protect any books from damage and get them safely home from school especially those learning to read books that always go missing! We blame the book fairy.
  • Custom book bags have a large branding area, so this means great exposure for your school logo.
  • From printed drawstring P.E. bags, to promotional pencil cases, we can offer a range of other baggage products to suit your school requirements. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Woven or Printed School Ties

  • Fact: Did you know the stripes on British ties usually run from top left to bottom right while the stripes on American ties run from top right to bottom left? (Quora 2015)
  • Ties and other promotional neckwear are the perfect product for schools, colleges and societies allowing groups of individuals to stand out, be part of a team and be the coolest school around!  
  • Do you remember when you were back at school and your class mates used to ‘peanut’ your tie? We know we do! Check out our promotional pre-formed ties with a clip-on attachment for the perfect ‘peanut’ free knot. 
  • With years of experience in the industry and our creative flare, we can help you with your designs, offering visuals as well as samples, and we have any youth or bespoke sizes available.
  • All our orders are offered with a pre-production sample to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the design before we go to production with your full bulk order.
  • The lead time for our bespoke custom ties is approximately 6 weeks, which includes time for us to create and for you to approve the pre-production sample. The minimum order quantity for digital and woven ties is 50 units.
  • Be it woven or printed, a tie symbolises professionalism and is essential attire for companies, clubs and associations. If students are part of a ‘house’ these can be woven to your school’s design and students can really represent your school with pride. Available in woven polyester or silk, our high quality ties are fully lined throughout with open ended mitre at both ends… but what is the difference between a woven tie and a printed tie?
  • Custom woven Ties: Although often confused with embroidery, weaving is quite different and as the design is an integral part of the fabric, a good level of detail can be achieved. It is possible to create different textures and effects and there is the potential to include up to 7 colours. Available in polyester or silk, the woven tie is suitable for the majority of designs and always proves to be extremely popular.
  • Printed Ties: Printing allows complete freedom of design; it is possible to create designs with a random appearance and there is no limit to the number of colours that can be included. Screen dye printing is perfect for designs consisting of a small number of spot colours and with the introduction of digital printing, intricate designs with tones and tints can now be achieved on polyester or silk, without the need for multiple screens.
  • Whether you choose woven or printed, you can be assured that your ties will be manufactured to the highest standard.


 Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes

  • Re-usable promotional lunch boxes are a great way for your school to become more environmentally friendly and encourage this amongst parents and students.
  • This lunchbox comes with 2 compartments and can be printed on the lid, with a minimum order quantity of 100 units.
  • We have many other different styles, shapes and colours so please do let us know if you are looking for something more specific.



Collapsible Cups

  • Our new collapsible silicone coffee mugs have proved to be a very popular, portable product!
  • They are available in a wide range of colours, as well as different styles such as a bottle or a cup without a lid (in metal or silicone).
  • With a leak proof lid it can easily be carried around school without causing any mess or spillages.
  • This product can hold both hot and cold drinks and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • The minimum order quantity for these mugs is 250 units.




Printed Pens

  • Who likes chewing the end of the pen? Always a favourite of students... some of us still do it now! That's why a desk can never have too many pens.
  • Promotional pens come in all shapes and sizes, colours and we have our personal favourites that we can recommend to you.
  • With so many options for branding pens this gives you a great opportunity to really personalise your writing equipment with your corporate image.




Logo Printed Pencils

  • Fact: Did you know that the Derwent Pencil Museum, located in Keswick, is the home of the first pencil? (Keswick 2017) You enter the museum through a replica graphite mine which would have served as the source of the pencil industry over three centuries ago.  You can even see the WW2 pencils with hidden maps; including one of the largest colour pencils in the world measuring almost 8 metres. Now that is a picture! 
  • You have some facts, now here are a couple of different pencil options for you. Our standard ‘WE Pencil’ has coloured barrels for spot colour printing, and the minimum order quantity is 250 units.  Or if your logo is slightly more complex, why not try the ‘Photographic Hi-Line’ and opt for a full colour print to the barrel of the pencil (with the same minimum order quantity).
  • We have a huge range of different promotional pencils; please contact us today for an ideas list tailored specifically to you free of charge!


Branded USBs

  • It is vital for students to back up their work regularly, as I’m sure you can relate many of us have been in a situation where our computer says no!
  • Promotional USB sticks are also a great way to distribute relevant information. They are flat and lightweight to send, making them the perfect product for direct mail campaigns for prospective students.
  • We can offer free data upload, you simply send us the file and we will transfer the information to the USBs for you!
  • We have a wide range of memory capacity options, from 64MB to 16GB and pantone colour matching is available on orders over 100 units. 



  • Promotional lanyards are required in most schools as a way to distinguish individuals visiting the schools wearing ‘visitor passes’.
  • Why not invest in some branded lanyards for maximum promotional impact, helping to also increase professionalism.
  • These functional items are re-usable making them good value for money and can suit a varied budget.


Printed Mouse Mats

  • Custom branded mouse mats are a great desk product with a large branding area to display a lasting message that is seen on a daily basis.
  • We have a large range of different mouse mats available to suit your promotional marketing needs.
  • This microfiber mouse mat doubles up as a screen cleaner; it is light and easy to carry, a great promotional item for mailing and has a minimum order quantity of 50 units.  



Promotional Clip Boards

  • Fact: A clipboard is a small board with a spring clip at the top, used for holding papers and providing support for writing (Oxford Dictionary 2018). Although other items you can hold in place that we hear are becoming increasingly popular are maps, books and apparently trousers! Whatever happened to coat hangers?  
  • These are available with different colour choices to cohere with your logo and stand out from the crowd. They can be used in the classroom and on school trips. They are versatile and can be wiped clean after getting dirty from those sticky fingers!


 Personalised Leaver’s Hoodies

  • Student leavers hoodies (or t-shirts) are available in many different colours to suit any school corporate colours.
  • Printed with every student’s name, these are a lovely souvenir for individuals to remember their time at school.
  • It is also a great way to generate funds and promote your school.
  • We have youth and adults sizes available in a wide range of colours. The minimum order quantity is 20 units.



Certificate Pods

  • Glossy laminated presentation tubes with a removable lid, to fit A4 size certificates.
  • These can be printed in up to full colour with your logo making them perfect for school award ceremonies, sports clubs or other events.
  • The minimum order quantity for these is 500 units.




Bespoke Awards

  • We offer completely bespoke, personalised awards and glassware.
  • We recognise that it is important for students to be acknowledged and awarded for their hard work, whether it be through sports or academic achievements.



Back To School Products

  • Summer holidays are over... Now let’s bring the fun back to school! Water bottles, notepads, drawstring bags, pencil cases, we offer all of these items for schools and universities. All items can be fully branded; with logos embossed, printed, engraved and embroidered.
  • Whether you use promotional merchandise as an incentive to reward hard working students, or if you use branded products to help raise money by selling items in the school shop; we have a huge range to suit all your needs and requirements. We are your one-stop-shop listed school supplier!




So if your school is looking for any merchandise from promotional pens, branded pads, to printed rulers and even personalised phone cases, Premier Promotional Products can help! Check out more of our school products, or contact us today for a free product visual with your logo on.