"Life's a Garden... Dig it!"

Top Gardening Promotional Products 


Whether you are young or old gardening can be beneficial in many ways, so get your trowel out and start digging!


Are you a business looking to promote positivity in the workplace? Have you ever considered encouraging leisure activities outside of office hours, to help relax staff and improve motivation in the office? Many companies, including Google, Apple and Nike (FitSpot 2017) have started to promote yoga classes, meditation and gym work outs as a way of helping staff relieve any tension built up while at work. While this trend is becoming increasingly popular, many companies have not yet considered promoting gardening as a relaxation and productivity tool.


Reasons Why We Should Embrace Gardening

  • Gardening has many positive effects, not just on the individuals' personal life but also for working life and it is important to maintain a good work-life balance.
  • It is good for the mind, body and soul, if you are stressed at work then try a bit of gardening at the weekend. A study proposed that stress can more effectively be relieved by gardening than other calming leisure activities (CNN 2011).
  • Positive mind, healthy heart; gardening has a positive effect on your physical health. It is a really good workout and weeding, digging, planting and caring for the plants in your garden offers you a productive and meaningful exercise regime. If you are more physically healthy then you are likely to become more mentally healthy also. 
  • It creates your own space, exactly how you want it. You have full control over creating an evironment that you are proud of.
  • It connects you to nature.         
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great source of healthy, organic food. It will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint, which in turn benefits the planet (World Watch Institute).


How to Encourage Employees to Start Gardening:

If you are a company that cares about the health and well-being of employees, we have some ideas to help you encourage staff to take up gardening if they do not already participate.

  • Why not organise a monthly gardening afternoon where small groups of employees visit eachother's gardens and help out as a team. This is a great sociable leisure activity, while a real benefit for individuals who struggle to find the time to maintain their garden on their own.
  • If you have the space and resources at work, you could also have one day a week where individuals spend an hour out of their working day for planting and weeding in the office garden.
  • Try including articles about the benefits of gardening in your company news letter or e-mails, or put some posters up around the office highlighting some key reasons why staff should get their fingers muddy in the garden!
  • We can offer many different promotional incentives to help to spread the message about the benefits of gardening and help to relieve any office stress.


Top Promotional Gardening Incentives 


Promotional Plant Pencils

  • The Sprout pencil is the first eco-friendly, sustainable pencil that can be planted after use.
  • These branded Sprout pencils contain a water-soluble seed capsule in place of an eraser.
  • When the Sprout pencil becomes too short to write or colour with, users need to simply plant the pencil into some soil and watch your brand grow (into flowers, herbs or vegetables!)
  • They can be customised with an engraved logo or message for a sustainable way to promote your business or organisation as well as your marketing message.
  • Check out our other 'grow-your-own' seed products.



Fruit & Veg Logo Bugs

  • These little stickable promotional friends are a great, cost effective way to spread the gardening message! Encourage and remind staff that organic, homegrown veg is the way forward - both for the conservation of the environment and for the health of individuals.
  • Logo bugs are available in a wide variety of colours to match your corporate colours.
  • The tail can be printed up to full colour to really get your brand noticed, at the end of the day who doesn’t like a logo bug!



Promotional Potted Gardens

  • How can we encourage employees who do not have a garden, to become more in touch with nature? We have the perfect idea!
  • Users can grow their own garden from their office desk and discover their green fingers with this kit. This product is available in cottage garden, mixed herbs, sunflower or a Christmas tree.
  • A branded full colour digital label will really show off your logo to your potential customers and other users, and be a talking point in any office especially if anyone wants a bit of basil for their sandwich :)
  • We have many other different grow-your-own and seed products, please contact us if you would like some more ideas. 



Outdoor Twist Lamps

  • This nifty outdoor lighting product is available in a range of colours and can be pad printed with your company’s logo for maximum affect, get in touch with us today so that we can light up your brand!
  • Simply twist the lamp to turn on the light and you can enjoy it for many hours.
  • You could try an environmentally friendly solar product also as a gift incentive to encourage employees to become connected with nature, care about their environment and ultimately promote positivity to staff.




Gardening Gloves and Knee Pad

  • Once you get them a pair of their own gardening gloves and knee pad they’ll have no excuse! 
  • The knee pad is a supporting product which can be wiped clean, so can even be used in muddy conditions!
  • We have other colours available and the minimum order quantity for these is 50 units.
  • Check out our other gardening sets.



Personalised Hammocks

  • Who said siestas were just for the Spanish? Make it easier for employees to boost their energy levels at lunchtime and have a nap in these branded natural cotton hammocks for the office garden!
  • Brand with your company logo for a cohering, professional look.
  • Our minimum order quantity for these is 25 units.



Build-Your-Own Bird House

  • Another great team building activity with a useful outcome!
  • Have a bit of fun with employees and take an hour out of work one afternoon to build a bird house, while at the same time building strong relationships between staff.
  • Also comes available pre-made with a decoration kit for painting the bird house.



Outdoor Portable Collapsible Cup

  • Reusable, eco-friendly drinkware products are all the craze at the moment, but these collapsible cups have the added benefit of folding down to a compact disk, making it super easy to carry around.
  • Portable collapsible mugs are a great product for any gardener. Similar to the Stojo cup, they can hold both hot and cold beverages and have a heat proof sleeve and a sealed lid with built in stopper to reduce leaking.
  • Easy cleaning and both dishwasher and microwave safe with a minimum order quantity of 250 units.



Interesting Gardening Facts:

  • Garden is a noun which basically means a piece of ground adjoining a house, used for growing grass, flowers, fruit, or vegetables (Oxford Dictionary 2018).
  • Plants really do respond to sound, so don’t be afraid to talk to your tulips and sing to your sunflowers and see the difference it can make.
  • Everyone has heard of the naked chef, now we have world naked gardening day which is celebrated on 5th may, put it in your diaries guys! ;)
  • Gardens were originally used only to grow food and herbs for medicinal purposes. Decorative Gardens were not present until approximately 1500 B.C in Egypt (Turner 2000).


It is clear that there are benefits of promoting gardening to employees, to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. How can you incorporate gardening themed promotional merchandise into your future marketing plans, to encourage employees to start gardening?