Top 10 Festival Promotional Products

Top Promotional Festival Merchandise That Will Get Your Brand Noticed!


Whether you love or loathe a festival, there are thousands that take place all over the UK and world every year.

Festivals are big and getting even bigger. In fact, research carried out by Think Money in 2015 shows that 14 million of adults in the UK plan on attending a festival and nearly 3 in 10 of these say they’ll attend more than one a year.


The number of festivals each month in the UK (image amended from Think Money 2015).

Advertising and promotional marketing has a huge influence on festival events. Promotional products in particular help many organisers create a buzz in the lead up towards an event and ultimately sell more tickets! Which is why we have created a ‘Top Festival Products Edit’ with tips on how you could use promotional festival merchandise in your next festival marketing campaign.


1.    Promotional Toilet Roll!

  • Promotional toilet roll is a great way to get your brand noticed at festivals, with 1,257km of toilet roll used at Creamfields festival in 2015 (Timeout Magazine 2015).
  • We can print your artwork or logo on each tissue for maximum impact!
  • Our printed toilet roll tissue is eco-friendly and chlorine free bleached premium quality – so why not use this as a promotional tool in the luxury toilets at festivals (if you can find any)?!



 2.    Promotional T-shirts

  • Branded festival T-shirts, as well as other custom clothing, are a great way of getting any marketing message across in a busy crowd at summer festivals.
  • Promotional T-shirts can be embroidered, screen printed onto the front, the reverse or the sleeves, or there is the option of all over dye sublimation printed clothing to really achieve the WOW factor!
  • We offer a large range of sizes, styles and colours to suit all.


 (Research from Festival Awards Market Report 2014).



 3.    Branded Power Banks

  • Did you know that 54% of festival goers re-charge their phone during a music festival? (Festival Awards Market Report 2014) this proves that there is great promotional marketing potential for power banks at festivals.


  • No one likes to be in a situation where their phone battery goes flat… we have all been there - it’s like missing a limb! This is why power banks (also known as portable phone chargers) have become one of the most popular products in the promotional merchandise industry.
  • This youth attractive marketing tool has endless potential - we have a huge range of different shapes and styles available, click here to view more of our power banks.
  • These particular promotional power banks come available in black, dark blue, gold, light blue, pale green, orange, pink, red and silver, the perfect festival merchandise to match any brand logo.




 4.   Plastic Waterproof Mobile Phone Cases

  • Why not promote your brand with this fantastic festival giveaway that will be sure to protect all festivalgoer’s phones from the UK summer rain!
  • This promotional waterproof mobile phone case comes with a lanyard that can be used to attach around your neck, or tie to a festival bum bag.
  • The best thing is… you can still use your mobile phone through the plastic waterproof case; it is therefore ideal for touchscreen phones.
  • According to Time Out Magazine (2015) at Boomtown Fair there were 139 mobile phones handed in to lost property! This nifty promotional product will also help to prevent phones from being misplaced.
  • These waterproof phone cases come available in a large range of styles and colours including white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black and pink.      




 5.    Promotional Festival Survival Kit

  • We know that survival is key when going to a festival so check out these super handy kits and impress your customers, employees and other festivalgoers by planning ahead.
  • Every can includes a pack of wet wipes/ tissue pack, face spray, antibacterial hand sanitiser, lip balm & sun cube block stick, all essential when roughing it for a few days – and the best thing is you can change the contents of the pack to suit your requirements.
  • We have many other promotional survival kit products, but this particular festival merchandise tin can is available in blue, pink, red, green, purple, grey, black, orange and yellow.



 6.    Custom Lip Balm on a Lanyard

  • These are an ideal promotional giveaway to promote your brand – by placing yourself around festivalgoer’s necks for maximum exposure. You will immediately be in every selfie taken (and all over Facebook!)
  • For situations at festivals, when you feel your lips getting dry but you remember ‘damn it, I left my lip balm back at the tent’, or if someone knocks it out of your hand in a busy crowd, nothing worse than mud in your lip balm…
  • Fear not, this product understands the struggle and offers an easy way to prevent this. This lip balm isn’t for the palm (it’s to be worn around your neck!)
  • These are available in a wide range of cool colours to cohere with your brand’s corporate image.


  • Looking for a more unique shape to show off your logo? Check out our innovative pocket sliding lipbalms in action!



 7.    Promotional Sunglasses

  • If you are lucky enough to see the sun, these fun-to-wear frames are perfect for events such as festivals and summer beach parties, as well as excellent value for money.
  • Stand out in the crowd with this innovative marketing tool in a great range of colour options.
  • These promotional stylish frames can be plain or branded to make them unique to your company.
  • We now also offer promotional mirrored lens sunglasses as well as quirky pixel sunglasses that can be branded with your logo - so dazzle your customer’s with your guru fashion sense and fresh ideas.




8.    Custom Wellington Boots

  • Give your promotion a bit of welly....and let your brand do the walking!
  • Why not use our innovative festival merchandise ideas to advertise your logo in an alternative media and get your brand noticed? Our promotional wellies can either be branded with a full wrap or just a single prestigious logo on the outside of each welly boot.
  • They are made of top quality 100% rubber with a moulded durable sole for the toughest terrain, so no stray mud getting in these suckers!
  • Benefits: loads and loads of exposure for your company come rain or shine.

Facts-About-Music-Festivals Festival-Branded-Promotional-Wellies-Boots-Wellington-Shoes

Distance walked by the average festivalgoer at Glastonbury (Timeout 2015).


9.    Promotional Bandanas and Head Scarves

  • Rain, rain go away, come again another day... ideally in 2 days when I am out of here!
  • In the UK there is a high chance of rain at a festival and these great colourful promotional bandanas will keep festival goers dry or shaded from the elements.
  • They can be used as a bandana, a neck scarf, a headband and anything else you can think of…




10. Personalised Closable and Reusable Can Caps

  • Do you like insects floating around in your fizzy pop? Do you like dust getting into your drinks can? Do you like the bubbles leaking from your beverage? … NO! Then look no further than these innovative branded can caps.
  • Your customers will love these funky little gadgets, they are a brilliant promotional marketing tool to make your brand stand out at a festival - so drink up and promote. 



We have many more promotional festival merchandise ideas suitable for a wide range of upcoming events, so please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and here more about how we can help aid the success of your music event or themed festival.